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I Am The Bread of Life

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I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE ( John 6:22-59)

If you had to describe yourself – what would you say? In July, we started a new sermon series looking

at Jesus’ 7 I AM sayings from John’s gospel. While it may be excruciatingly boring to hear many people

describe themselves, what Jesus says about himself is both shocking and fascinating.

Jesus’ first claim about himself was that he is the “Bread of Life.” At first glance that might seem

a rather odd and harmless thing to claim. Yet, Jesus’ statement “I AM the Bread of Life” was a

revolutionary claim. In a world that fought (and still fights) wars over resources such as bread and

water, Jesus’ proclamation that he is the food all humanity needs to survive remains provocative. Even

the great prophet Moses only provided food that lasted for a limited time. Nonetheless, here is Jesus

claiming that he is the lasting sustenance all humanity stands in need of.

What would you list as your favorite food? My family would probably say Ralph’s Donuts, a local donut

shop. We like Ralph’s so much I am shocked we don’t go into an impaired cardiovascular state each

time we grab donuts from there. The thing about Ralph’s is that you have to go back. As good as one

trip to the store might be, it will not sustain you. Only the love of Jesus and the grace of God made

available in Jesus will last. This week take some time to remember and reflect on Jesus’ first I AM claim,

“I AM the Bread of Life.”

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