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I Am: The Light of The World

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One of the great things about the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee is that it does not take long to get

out of the city and into the country side. Recently, our college and young adult class took advantage of

the nature around Cookeville and went camping on a nearby farm. The night of the campout the sky lit

up in a brilliant array of purples, blues, and pinks just as the Sun disappeared from view. To say it was

beautiful does not really do justice, the light in the sky that dusk was amazing.

Light is a wonderful thing, it has a way of captivating the imagination. I think that is one of the reasons

Jesus says in John chapter 8 he is “the light of the world.” As a Jew, Jesus was well aware of the

connection in Judaism between the Living God and Light. When Moses led the children of Israel out

of Egypt and into the wilderness, God provided light from a pillar of fire to guide the people. Later,

the great Feast of Tabernacles would also be called the Feast of Lights because of the multicolored

lights that shone throughout the tents. There are other examples, but you get the point – Light is an

important Old Testament image.

So, when Jesus declared himself to be “the Light of the World” he was making clear he was the

fulfillment of the symbolic Old Testament lights. Where other lights brighten partially, Jesus is the

complete light. His light illuminates the Old Testament, it shines into the darkness of the world, and

it brightens up our personal emptiness. I love the lesser sky lights of the Upper Cumberland, but even

more I love the living light, Jesus Christ. This week I hope you live in the Light of Jesus’ love for you.

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