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Life Lesson From Proverbs 6:6-9

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I love experiencing and admiring God’s creation.  Since childhood mighty oceans and majestic mountains have inspired thoughts and stimulated reflection.  For many people it’s the big and powerful things in nature that grab our attention.  There is a reason that people fear lions and tigers and bears – and not goldfish, puppy dogs and little lambs.  One of Scripture’s constant themes, however, is the reminder that God teaches through small things just as often (or maybe more) then through things that immediately grab our attention.

One small thing God instructs his people to pay attention to are ants.  No, that is not a typo.  In Proverbs 6:6-9, the “sluggard” is instructed to pay attention to the ant which works and stores in the summer for the coming winter.  There are many things that we humans can learn from ants; particularly how to stay focused, active, and awake.

For Christ’s Church there exists a constant temptation to lose focus on Christ.  Sin, life trials and out-of-whack priorities can all contribute to lost focus.  This year learn from the ant’s example as God makes the most of Jesus Christ through you.

Pastor Charles

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