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Our First Camping Trip

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Tomorrow afternoon I will be picking up my oldest son Ethan from school as usual. However, after the

pickup we will go home and pack up for our first overnight campout. One of Ethan’s best friends from

his preschool years, Charlie and Charlie’s dad, will be going with us. I’m excited, but Ethan is even more

excited. He’s only been in school for a couple of weeks, and he is already asking for a break! In fact,

every morning he quizzes me on “how many sleeps until fall break?”

When you are a five year old, life is full of first time adventures. Part of the joy of parenting is

experiencing first time events with your children. Of course, not all first time events are that great.

Shots, being picked on, losing (at anything) – none of those things are fun. Life has plenty of negatives,

which make camping trips like this so important.

Yeah, I am pretty stoked about this upcoming trip. It should turn out to be lots of fun. One thing is for

sure though, as Ethan falls asleep under the stars, I will be praying for another first time encounter. The

one that matters most, the day Ethan gives his life to Jesus Christ.

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